Completing your LeapFrog Epic setup

If you were asked to come to this page to complete your LeapFrog Epic setup, please follow the steps below:

1) If you see the screen below on your LeapFrog Epic, select the orange "Next" button and go to step 2... 
Error Next
… If you have already completed that portion of the device set up, you will see a screen similar to the one below. Skip to step 7.
Skip to 7

2) Complete the Age Verification screen and select "Next." 
Parent Age Verification

3) Complete the Parent Lock Code screen and select "Next." (Make sure to remember this code for later steps.) 
Parent Lock Code

4) Complete the "Who will play with this device?" screen. 
Who will play with this device?

5) When you are done adding child profiles, select "Next." 
Child Profile Next

6) View the introduction screens … 
Introduction screens

7) On the child profile home screen, select the Parents icon in the top-right corner. 
Child Profile Parents Icon

8) Enter your Parent Lock Code. 
Parent Lock Code

9) On the Parents home screen, select "System Info." 
Parents Home

10) On the System Info screen, select "System Updates." 
System Info

11) On the System Update screen, a system update will automatically download and install. When the system update is complete, the device will restart automatically. 
System Update

12) From the child profile home screen, select the Parents icon in the top-right corner and enter your Parent Lock Code. 
Child Profile Parents Icon

13) On the Parents home screen, select "Device." 
Parents Device

14) On the Device screen, select "LeapFrog Account." 
LeapFrog Account

15) In the Parent Account question, select "Yes." 
LeapFrog Account ?

16) On this screen, create a new LeapFrog Account or sign in to an existing one. 
LeapFrog Account

17) At the bottom of the Device screen, select the Home icon. 
Device Screen

18) At the Parents screen, select "App Center." 
Parents App Center

19) After the App Center screen loads, select the Home icon at the bottom of the screen. 
App Center

20) At the Parents screen, select "Child Login." 
Child Login

21) On the child profile home screen, select one of your child profiles 
Select Child Profile

22) Find the LeapFrog Academy game icon and select it. 
LeapFrog Academy Icon

23) At the top-right of the LeapFrog Academy screen, select "Log In." 
LeapFrog Academy Login

24) Enter your LeapFrog Parent Account password. 
Parent Account Password

25) Follow the instructions to start your free 6 month membership to LeapFrog Academy! 
6 Month Membership to LeapFrog Academy