Playground Dad's daughters review LeapBand

Not only does the LeapBand help children learn a wide range of new skills, but you’ll also find that these wearable devices are fun for the whole family!

Learning Stages

By Mike Johnson

Father of Four, Digital Strategist & Sports Maven

Mike Johnson is the founder of Playground Dad, a website that helps dads spend better time with their kids. Playground Dad is a resource for parents who are trying to navigate the new digital world with their kids in tow. For more information on Playground Dad visit:

Over the summer, LeapFrog launched the LeapBand, a new wearable tech device for kids. This is the product that my kids have been waiting for, as they’ve always been curious about the different devices and apps that my wife and I have used to track our movement and overall fitness.

Now they have something for themselves!

The LeapBand is perfect for kids aged 4-7, and my two youngest daughters have had a blast with it. It’s also cool how they have been spending even more time together as 6-year-old Lilian shows 4-year-old Cora the ropes of their new devices: how to get to the awesome challenges, how to earn more points, and how to have the most fun they can with their LeapBands.

My wife and I are aligned with the kids on all of the reasons that the LeapBand is great. Even though my daughters are at different learning levels, the LeapBand has kept them both thoroughly engaged over the past few weeks. I like that the LeapBand is actually helping Cora learn how to tell the time on a clock with hands, as her LeapBand says the time and she’s starting to recognize the patterns. That’s an unexpected benefit of this wearable device for us.

My wife and I love the stopwatch—we’ve used it as a helpful device during cleanup and bedtime. The stopwatch is a great and fun way to motivate kids to get their tasks done.

There’s a surprising amount of content loaded into the device. I’m excited about the amount of challenges on the device and how LeapBand encourages kids to get off their chairs and jump around. We’ve noticed that our kids are spending a lot of time going through these challenges and they are 100 percent active, so it’s a great way to get them exercising.

I was honored that older sister Sadie was willing to help me with my latest blog post and share some of her younger sisters’ favorite LeapBand features.