Your 1-year-old problem solver
At 12 months, your baby’s brain is developing rapidly. She can now solve simple problems. This is an important new skill. For example, when your baby holds a mechanical toy out to you and says, “Huh,” her brain is working hard. She knows that the toy will work if someone turns the key. She knows that she can’t turn the key. So she hands the toy to you. You can turn the key and make the toy work. She is solving a problem. Your baby solves problems when she pulls a string to move a toy closer. She learns by trial and error that hammering on a pot makes more noise than pounding on the floor. Babies use problem-solving skills to stack boxes, pull off shoes and socks or push chairs to use for climbing. Babies might work for several minutes opening a container that holds cereal for a snack. Your baby needs your approval when she masters a task. Clap and encourage her. She will be more likely to try to solve new problems and to develop new brain skills.