License plate learning
While on car trip, have your child look at license plates to find plates from other states. Challenge her to find as many different states as possible. Each time a new state is found, have her locate it on a map. Ask questions: What area of the country is that state from? What are its neighboring states? Are there any license plates from Canada  or Mexico? You can make it competitive by keeping a tally of who saw each state first and announce the winner at the end of each driving day. Many license plates include state slogans. Talk to your child about the meaning behind these. Bring into play the letters and numbers on license plates. Can your child find her initials? Can she find all the letters of the alphabet in sequence? Can she do the same with numbers, starting with zero? How about backwards starting with 100? Try adding all the numbers that appear on a single plate. Then subtract that number from 20. Try skip counting by 2s, 5s or 10s. The variations are endless!