Book learning
Abraham Lincoln once said that he went to school "by littles"—a little here and a little there. He didn't exaggerate; Lincoln had little formal education and learned mostly from books. Nowadays, of course, kids must attend school. But it is doubtful that many people read more—or learn more—than Lincoln did when he studied by the fire at night. Lincoln loved books. They educated him and they can help educate your child. All you need is to show your kids how much fun books are. It's not a hard sell. Read aloud to your kids, surround them with books, and let them see that you love to read, too. (Ever notice how in a house that is crammed with books, the kids themselves tend to be curious and imaginative, and eager to learn?) No one is better equipped to help you select good, age-appropriate books than your local librarian. Librarians are eager to work closely with parents, and preschools, to make sure that kids are exposed to books from an early age. Don't ignore this wonderful resource!