Pet Pad Action Bingo

Perfect for a rainy day, this fun action-packed Bingo game will have kids hopping, crawling wiggling for the win!

This printable Bingo-style game gets your child moving, matching, and laughing! A perfect rainy-day game, it builds both motor and cognitive skills. Younger children may need assistance cutting out the cards and may need an adult “caller” to read the activity cards aloud.

This printable includes 4 Bingo cards and 32 "action" cards. Cut out the game cards and activity cards. Shuffle the activity cards and place face down. Give each player a game card and a pile of pennies, paperclips, dried beans, or other small objects that can be used as markers. To play, an adult reads out the “activity cards” or children take turns drawing these cards. As each card is drawn, children perform the action described on the card. They then locate and mark the matching spaces on their game cards. All players can mark the “Free Space.” The first player to mark five spaces in a row in any direction wins the game.