Numbers & colors Bingo - Spanish

Play this Spanish version of our printable bingo game to practice the Spanish words for numbers and color names.

Learning Stages

A few rounds of this Bingo game can help your child remember Spanish numbers and color words.

To prepare the game:

  1. Print out a "bingo card" for each player. Have players fill the squares with numbers from 1-10, in any order. Players' cards do not need to be the same.
  2. Remove the face cards from a deck of playing cards. Keep the aces. Place the deck face down.
  3. Create a set of color cards using slips of paper. Make equal numbers of red, yellow, green, blue and orange cards. (Alternatively, you can use a set of Candyland cards with the purples removed.) Place the stack face down. 

To play:

  1. Take turns drawing a card from each stack and call out the color and number pair in Spanish (for example, if you pull a red card and the number 8, you'd call "rojo ocho").
  2. Players mark their cards with bingo chips (or pennies) until one player has five in a row and shouts "Bingo!"

red = rojo1 = uno6 = seis
yellow = amarillo2 = dos7 = siete
green = verde3 = tres8 = ocho
blue = azul4 = cuatro9 = nueve
orange = aranjado5 = cinco10 = diez