LeapSchool coloring pages (J-R)

Meet LeapSchool kids Jam, Kat, Leo, Mix, Nell, Obe, Pip, Qik & Rad

Learning Stages

There's something for everyone at LeapSchool, where the students are waiting to share the things they love with kids who feel the same. LeapSchool kids love to learn, love to have fun and love to make new friends.

These pages include Jam, Kat, Leo, Mix, Nel, Obe, Pip, Qik & Rad. Which will be your child's new friend?

Meet the rest of the gang: 
Ali, Bug, Cam, Dex, Eno, Fox, Gig, Hap & Ivy
Sam, Tig, Udo, Val, Web, X, Yup, Zed and the hamsters, Gadget & Bit

Play with the LeapSchool kids in the Explorer Learning Game: LeapSchool Reading.

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