My toddler screams all the time. How can I make him stop?

At this age, children are starting to do so many things on their own, such as walking and eating. However, their verbal skills are still forming. An inability to express certain needs and emotions may be the basic cause for the screaming. At times it’s easy to know what the source of the crying is, such as hunger or a wet diaper. Other times, it may take some digging. You may want to gently ask: “Do you need a hug?” Or: “Would you like a snack or a toy?” You could also model other ways of communicating by saying what you think your child may be feeling, for example: “It looks like you’re sad that grandma had to go home. Should we call her?” Sometimes simply distracting your child with a new object or different environment could stop the crying. Starting an activity together like going for a walk or reading a book could also dry the tears. Good luck!

LeapFrog Learning Expert