How can I wean my toddler off the pacifier without getting a full blown tantrum?

Though we cannot promise tantrum-free results, here are some tips to smoothly weaning your toddler off the pacifier. You may want to give your child some warning that “in a few days, we will say bye-bye to your binky.” Continue to remind your child that this will happen, with matter-of-fact language, until the day it goes away. This will emotionally prepare your child for the inevitable and may avert a full blown tantrum. To start, you could limit the pacifier use to only at bedtime and naps for a few weeks and then limit it to only bedtimes and then finally take it away altogether. Try not to offer the pacifier to your toddler as a soother in the weeks leading up to when you plan to wean. It may be a good idea to encourage your child to pick out and sleep with a “lovey” at night to eventually take the place of the pacifier. Once your child has weaned, do not keep an emergency pacifier in the home as you may be tempted to offer it during a major tantrum or rough night. Good luck!

LeapFrog Learning Expert