Staying active indoors this fall

Kids will love these activities that can be found around the house.

By Mike Johnson

Father of Four, Digital Strategist & Sports Maven

Mike Johnson is the founder of Playground Dad, a website that helps dads spend better time with their kids. Playground Dad is a resource for parents who are trying to navigate the new digital world with their kids in tow. For more information on Playground Dad visit:

It's always fun to do active stuff with the kids that's not so organized.

Sometimes we find that kids' schedules are so jam packed with school and extracurricular activities that they don't know what to do with themselves during free time. The kids often need some thought starters on ways to stay active when nothing is on their calendars.

Our latest infographic highlights some of the activities that our kids love to do around the house. A great consequence of these kinds of activities is that they often turn into good ole fashioned free play as kids revise the activities to create their own brand of fun.