Learning ideas to love

Try these classroom-inspired ideas to share love with your little Valentine.

Learning Stages

By Maxine Adams


Just the mention of the word love turns our classroom into a mass of giggles. Embarrassed, squirming bodies bow their heads and hide their faces. But putting love into our projects creates the most amazing learning experiences and gives parents and kids the opportunity share love in unique and insightful ways.

Here some ideas adapted from our classroom activities that you can use at home for sharing love:

Love notes

Turn your average everyday post-it into messages from the heart. Select a variety of styles and let love do the talking. Find unique places that individuals in your family will find these love inspired notes—in a favorite book, computer laptop, lunchbox or even the freezer. The best part is some notes may take time to surface and will give just a reminder of love when someone least expects it. What a great family writing activity!

Family photo exchange

Personalize your Valentine’s Day cards with a heartfelt exchange. Place a picture of each family member in a box. Once everyone has selected a photo, glue it to paper or stationery of your choice. Write about or draw pictures of all the things you love about them, including what makes them special or unique. Even when my boys were too young to write, a scribble with a personal feeling about Dad always made the card extra special.

Cuddle love bugs

Holidays are better with books. Curl up with the kiddos and a bunch of these love-inspired books. I Love You, Stinky Face is absolutely fabulous and shows the unconditional love that a mama has for her little one. Toys Go Out is a super first-grade read-aloud about the love between toys and a little girl—I laugh out loud at each page.