Father's Day fun!

Brilliant ways to give Dad the red-letter day he deserves.  

By Shelby Moore


Shelby Moore is a kindergarten teacher at an inner-city school in Houston and was recently awarded as one of the East Region's Campus Teachers of the Year.

On Father’s Day, take time to appreciate the most important man in your child’s life. When planning activities for Dad’s Day, keep in mind activities that he can enjoy doing with his young children. Think about some of the activities your children like to do on their own, or with you, that maybe Dad never gets a chance to do with them. 

If you are having trouble thinking of some clever things to do with Dad, here are some ideas for activities for Father’s Day that are sure to build memories to last a lifetime–and best of all, they all have opportunities for Dad to be the ultimate teacher and show his kids what a wealth full of knowledge he really is!

Plan a Picnic: Most dads can never get enough of the great outdoors, so plan an outing to one of his favorite outdoor spots. If the destination is close enough perhaps ride your bikes there. Things to bring: Dad’s favorite sandwich, drink, and snacks. Also pack a big enough picnic blanket for everyone and some games to play when you’ve finished eating. Think about things that Dad likes doing with his kids–playing catch, fishing, flying a kite? All of which entail opportunities for teachable moments.

Take Part in his Favorite Hobby: Father’s Day is the one day when Dad can ask his children to join him in his favorite interest and expect to receive no complaints or long faces while doing it. Whether he wants company going to a car show, hiking, or hitting balls at the driving range, the cheerful company of his children will make Dad’s day complete. Think about all the cool things your child can learn with a little afternoon outing with their dear old dad. Teachable moments involved: learning about cars, hiking safety, or the basic physics of hitting a golf ball.

Go Watch a Ball Game: Buy the tickets and take him out to watch his favorite team play. Let him watch the game and you and the kids load him up on his favorite ball game foods by taking trips to the concession stand instead of him. Teachable moments: Have the kids try and find your seats, supervise the kids counting the money to pay for the goodies, and of course Dad will want teach them the rules of the game.

Plan a Gardening Project: Get messy outside in the dirt with dad. Have dad take the kids to the local home improvement store and buy some plants, flowers, or seed packets, depending on Dad’s preference to get to work on in the yard.  Dad and kids alike are sure to enjoy an afternoon full of being outside and not getting in trouble for getting dirty! Teachable moment: following step-by-step instructions on how to plant seeds and flowers.

Prepare a BBQ Party: Have your children pretend to be waiters or waitresses and play restaurant. Allow the kids to serve dad his favorite foods while he relaxes out on the patio and spends some quality time with his kids.  All the mom had to do is cook the food and make sure she has Dad’s favorite side dishes to accompany his hot dog or burger. Teachable moments: writing skills when taking Dad’s order, setting the table so there are enough utensils and plates for everyone.

Watch Old Videos or Look Through Old Photos: Take time on Father’s Day to watch old home videos of Dad growing up if you have them available, or watch home videos of our kids growing up. Looking through old photo albums is also a great way to learn about who their dad really is. Teachable moment: learning about history. Look at the way things were when Dad was a kid.

Create a Play for Dad: Get creative and write a play for Dad.  Help the younger kids if there are no older siblings to do so. Have the play be centered around the reasons why they love their dad so much, or have them imitate something that their father does that will be sure to make him laugh. Take a video or photos to remember the moment. Teaching moments galore: writing, public speaking, using costumes and props, etc.