Easter craft ideas for anybunny!

Spring has sprung and with it comes Easter! Try out one of these Easter crafts with your little peeps.

Learning Stages

By Shelby Moore


Shelby Moore is a kindergarten teacher at an inner-city school in Houston and was recently awarded as one of the East Region's Campus Teachers of the Year.

Spring has sprung and with it comes Easter! My kindergarten students love to create crafts, especially ones that coordinate with upcoming holidays. Check out our favorite easter crafts: they are relatively easy to make, reuse materials on hand, and even get you to head outdoors!

Easter cards

Eggshell Mosaic Card:

  • Materials: Easter egg shells from your hard-boiled easter eggs, glue, cardstock card paper
  • Instructions: Crush all the egg shells into small pieces (not tiny!). Glue the egg shells down on cardstock or paper to create a mosaic picture. Decorate the card and write a sweet message inside.

Little Chick Card:

  • Materials: Construction paper, scissors, glue or tape, writing utensil, googly eyes (optional)
  • Instructions: Trace your child's hands on the construction paper. Cut out the hands. Draw a large oval on another sheet of construction paper. Cut out the oval. With yet another piece of paper cut out chick legs and feet and a triangle shape for the beak. Glue or tape the pieces to the oval. Write an Easter message on the chick's belly.

Paper bag nest for Easter eggs

  • Materials: Twigs, brown paper lunch bag, glue, paper plate
  • Instructions: This nature-inspired Easter decoration encourages kids to head outdoors. First, have your child go outside and gather a handful of twigs, then help her break them into small pieces. Next, smash down the sides of a brown paper lunch bag. Pour a small puddle of glue onto a paper plate, then help her dip each twig into the glue and stick it in the folds of the bag. Let the glue dry completely before filling the nest with your beautiful dyed Easter eggs.

Egg carton flowers

  • Materials: Empty egg carton, scissors, green pipe cleaners or straws, tempera paint (optional)
  • Instructions: Cut off the bottom cups of the carton. Cut slices on the sides of the egg cups to make it look like petals. Paint if you wish. Cut a slit at the bottom of the egg carton cups and insert a green pipe cleaner or straw for the stem.