Back to School: Getting into the Habit

Spend your last few weeks of summer re-establishing good school habits.

A few years ago I had a personal trainer. Getting up in the mornings was grueling, but my trainer reminded me that 21 days of consistency creates a habit. This simple concept also applies to getting ready for school.

During summer, we all tend to let our schedules breathe and kids get comfortable with inconsistent sleep patterns. Fast forward to the first week of school and there are 22 zombie-eyed children staring back at me with a look that says, “Why are you speaking to me at this time of morning?” Now is the time to get into the habit of going to school. Here are some simple changes to help your child transition into school mode:

Begin a regimented bed time. If your child is off schedule, cut back 15 minutes each week until school starts. Keep in mind that most kids need a lot of sleep — usually more than parents think. (Read more about kids and sleep at

Set goals for the school year. My boys and I have begun talking and reading about being a good friend, listening to the teacher and following directions. This is especially important for boys (and girls) who tend to be more active in a learning environment.

Get organized! “Everything has a home” is my motto with my own children as well as my students. This week you should begin establishing where backpacks and lunch boxes go, create a family in/out tray for important school stuff, and set up a homework space. If your child does not have a desk, create a space at the table that is well lit and has all the utensils they will need to get to work. Every work area should be stocked like a classroom: crayons, pencils, sharpener, glue stick, timer, scissors, tape, etc.

Do you have any back to school tips? I would love to hear from you!

Let's get ready together!