Summer reading guide

4 teacher tips on reading smart this summer.

The simple act of reading is one of the smartest things your children can do to prepare themselves for the next school year. But it doesn't have to be a chore! Incorporate reading into your normal summer activities with these teacher tips.

Find the fun in reading. Especially for summer reading, choose fun books. Read them aloud in a funny voice. Ask and answer silly questions as you read. Keep your summer books handy: in your car, in your beach bag, on the porch, or anywhere else where they become part of your summer routine. Check out your local library’s summer reading program, and remember that librarians are a great source for finding fun books.

Strive for 20/20. When readers read for 20 minutes for 20 days, reward them with added minutes on the computer, a day at the beach, or a new game or toy.

Read the newspaper as a family. Read short pieces aloud: comics, advice columns, and interesting quotes. Talk about what you’re reading. And ask young readers what they’re reading. 

Turn road trips into reading adventures. Read road signs aloud. Pay attention to billboards. Play word or letter games.