Article: Earth Day

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For over 40 years, Earth Day celebrations have provided kids with the skills and resources they need to help care for the planet. Chances are your child's school or community has plans to participate. Here are some things that you can do at home or in your neighborhood: 

  • Talk with your child about the environment, Earth Day, the importance of keeping communities litter-free and beautiful, and what "reduce, reuse, recycle" means for the environment. We only have one planet, and it's our job to protect it!
  • Plant trees, shrubs, or wildflowers on public grounds.
  • Plant herb and vegetable gardens as an outdoor environmental classroom.
  • Organize a recycling drive, with one type of material gathered each week. Don't forget the usually overlooked (but very toxic) categories, such as batteries, motor oil, and chemicals. (NOTE: Recycling of toxic materials should be a parent activity due to the special handling required.)
  • Change a habit. Talk about how reducing your energy usage or bringing reusable bags to the grocery store gives Mother Earth a helping hand.
  • Learn the language of recycling. Understand what can be recycled, what manufacturers can claim to be "made from recycled materials," and what the different symbols mean.
  • Find an event to attend with your kids on Earth Day.


Earth Day Activities

Tweet Tweets
Create tasty treats to attract birds to your backyard.

Make a Birdhouse
Design and build a birdhouse from found materials.

Garden on a Windowsill
Demonstrate how roots absorb water and anchor a plant in the ground.

Summer Buggin'
Inspire your little nature lover to observe the tiny insect world.

Farmer's Market
Take a field trip with your child and explore how food gets to the dinner table.

Book List

LeapFrog recommends:

The Lorax
By Dr. Seuss
Random House (Age 4-8)

The Great Kapok Tree: A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest
By Lynne Cherry
Harcourt Brace (Age 4–8)

Brother Eagle, Sister Sky: A Message from Chief Seattle
Illustrated by Susan Jeffers
Dial Books for Young Readers (Age 4–8)

City Green
By Dyanne Disalvo-Ryan
William Morrow (Age 4–8)