Get your morning in motion

Develop a morning routine that makes it fun to get up and start your day.

You'll Need

  • None


10 minutes

Learning Stages

Predictability is good for your baby. Knowing that waking up in the morning is followed by being picked up out of his crib and then being fed allows baby to use his brain for other things—like learning words, imitating sounds and making faces. Babies are more relaxed when they know a routine and don’t need to worry about what comes next. This, of course, doesn’t mean that routines can’t be changed (in fact, change is what growing up is all about!), but regular routines let babies know that they are safe and will be well taken care of.

Toys like My Pals Scout and Violet provide opportunities for your baby to hear songs about daily routines. Understanding the day's routine and what comes next helps babies feel safe and secure. While honing his ability to predict what comes next, you can use physical activities to help develop your child’s gross motor skills. Babies love to play interactive games involving their bodies. A good morning game can involve movements that connect the word morning with things we do in the morning. Think of things you and your baby do in the morning and add to the list!

In the morning, we stretch, stretch, stretch (stretch baby’s arms gently up),
In the morning we move, move, move (move baby’s legs in a bicycle motion),
In the morning we get up, up, up (help baby to stand),
In the morning we hug, hug, hug (hug baby)