Chinese paper lanterns

This simple craft puts you and your child in touch with the ancient art of kirigami.

You'll Need

  • Colored construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • String


45 minutes

Learning Stages

You and your child can make Chinese paper lanterns using the ancient technique of kirigami. Often displayed during the Chinese New Year, these lanterns can be made in various colors and strung together as a festive decoration. 

To make Chinese paper lanterns

  1. Cut a 1” strip of paper along the long edge. Set aside—this will become the handle.

  2. Fold the paper diagonally.

  3. Cut the paper starting at the folded edge outward but do not cut all the way to the end. Stop about 1-½” from the edge.

  4. Unfold the paper and bring it around to form the lantern. Tape the ends together.

  5. Tape the handle.

  6. Make more with different colored paper.

  7. String them up together to create a festive display.