Baby's book

Babies love pictures of their family and favorite things. Make a personalized book to read to your child.

You'll Need

  • Scrapbooking materials
  • Textured fabrics


10 minutes

Learning Stages

Babies love handmade books and photo albums. Make a book for her with different pictures of her favorite things. Use pictures of toys, family members or friends, foods, flowers or other things she likes. It will make her happy to look at these pictures and to feel the pages. And of course—talk! She will enjoy listening to you as you talk to her about them.

You could also make a book of textures. Glue pieces of fabric onto the pages. Use fabrics that are rough, bumpy, scratchy, fluffy and stretchy. Glue down leather or fake fur. As she touches the textures, “read” the book to her with words like rough, smooth, soft, bumpy and prickly. The important thing is to spend time reading and talking to her every day.