Word strettttttttch

Test the limits of little imaginations with this brain-building word game.

You'll Need

  • Paper & pencil


30 minutes

Learning Stages

Write two words on a piece of paper and separate them by three blanks. Then fill in the blanks so that each word has some relationship with the word before and the word after. For example, suppose you began with "movie," left three blanks, and closed with "desk." You might fill in with "ticket, paper, write" to form a sequence, "movie, ticket, paper, write, desk." The fun here is in the stretch. In just three moves, you've been able to get from "movie" to "desk." It takes imagination and some ingenuity, but there is just about no first and last word that can't be united. Start with "glue," leave three blanks, and end with "sky." Any ideas?