Personalized puzzles

Make puzzles out of pictures your budding photographer has taken.

You'll Need

  • Photos
  • Scissors
  • Poster board
  • Spray adhesive or clear contact paper


75 minutes

Learning Stages

Puzzles provide an excellent opportunity for children to develop spatial reasoning skills. Help your child create personalized puzzles using an enlarged family photograph, or further engage your child in the activity by having her take her own photograph for the puzzle. Photos with colorful backgrounds or close-up photos work well. Follow the instructions below to make your own personalized puzzle:

  1. Select a photograph and have it blown up as large as possible without blurring the image.
  2. Mount the photo on the poster board.
  3. Trim the board to the dimensions of the photo.
  4. Spray the photograph with the spray adhesive or cover it with clear contact paper and trim to size.
  5. Cut the mounted photo into puzzle pieces, with the size and number of pieces dependent on your child’s ability level. A store-bought jigsaw puzzle can be used as a template by tracing the pieces on the back of the poster board.

Let your child puzzle away with photographs of family, friends, pets or vacations.