It’s in the bag

Help your child explore the world through the sense of touch.

You'll Need

  • Sack
  • Objects with very different shapes
  • Objects with slightly different shapes


10 minutes

Learning Stages

Learning involves all the senses. With emphasis placed on the realms of sight and sound, the realm of touch is often forgotten.

Help your child explore the world of touch. Put a number of common objects in a bag such as a rubber band, celery stalk, stuffed animal, kitchen spoon, paperback book or a candle. Have him child feel around the bag and identify the contents without looking at them. Offer clues when needed or adjust the contents to suit abilities.

As his sense of touch becomes more refined, you can up the ante. Show him six slightly different model cars (or six other toys similar to each other) and then place them all in the bag. Can your child identify each of them by touch alone?