I see my letter!

Identify your child's special letter for them and have some letter fun.


30 minutes

Learning Stages

By The guys at Today Is Fun
Daddy bloggers

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We love reading and letters. We also are big fans of encouraging kids to read regardless of age.

The first letter I taught my kids was the first letter of their name and I called it their letter. They understood almost immediately that this one letter was special because it was their letter. 

Once they could identify their letter, I would occasionally stop on a page that we were reading and ask them to find their letter. From there we were able to move quickly to having them pick out a book that had their letter in the title and on to letting them pick out cereal with their letter in the name. Of course we ended up with sugar cereals but it was great, they were interested and always on the look out for their letter.

Try teaching your kids their letter today and see what happens!