Activity: Halloween Paper Lanterns

Create personalized Halloween paper lanterns in under an hour. Fun for the whole family!

You'll Need

  • paper lanterns
  • paint
  • paintbrushes
  • glue
  • glitter

Here’s a fun and easy Halloween craft with a big wow factor. Get the whole family involved, and you’ll have personalized ready-to-hang decorations to salute (or scare) your trick-or-treaters!


  1. Purchase inexpensive paper lanterns from local arts and crafts or party supply stores. Kids can pick their favorite colors. (You can also order paper lanterns online.)
  2. Prepare the work surface (table or floor) by covering it in newspaper
  3. Set out the supplies. We used paint, paintbrushes, glue and glitter, but anything goes: markers, beads, sequins...
  4. Provide paper plate “palettes” and plastic cups for water if using paint.
  5. Suggest that everyone do a quick sketch to plan their designs before painting directly onto the paper lanterns.

Personalize Your Paper Lanterns

Start drawing and painting! It’s as simple as that. To give your lanterns an extra dazzle, brush on a small amount of glue and sprinkle colorful glitter over the sticky areas. Once the paint, glue and glitter are dry, your paper lanterns are ready to hang!


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