Family survey

Take a fun survey of your family's preferences! This is an easy-to-do, fun conversation starter for the kids.

You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Pen


30 minutes

Learning Stages

By The guys at Today Is Fun
Daddy bloggers

"Today is Fun" provides free, fun and educational kids games and activities each day. The site is the product of two dads who are constantly trying to think up ways to entertain the kids in their families.

Make a chart on a blank piece of paper. On the far left, create a column called "Question." Next you'll want to have a column for each person in the family: Mom, Dad, kids, and so forth. Write a simple either-or question in the first column, and then ask it to your kids. "Which do you like better, purple or yellow?" Write each person's response in their column.

Here are some categories we used that will undoubtedly spark ideas for you. Which do you like better:

Chocolate or raisins
Ketchup or mustard
Blue or green
Purple or yellow
Dogs or cats
Manta rays or sea horses
Cows or horses
Drums or guitars
Flutes or trombones
Crayons or markers
Batman or Superman
Climbing up or sliding down
Baths or showers
Shouting or whispering
Quarter or penny 

For my family, a big part of the fun is learning about charts, and studying the one we make. Another part of the fun is reviewing each family member's response, and finding similarities and differences. "Oh, Mommy and I both like ketchup more than mustard—but Daddy really likes mustard!"