Big hands, small hands

With your child, create an impression that will last a lifetime.

You'll Need

  • Patch plaster or plaster or paris
  • Mixing bowl
  • Deep paper plates


60 minutes

Children love to compare the size of their hands with grown-up hands. So, why not try a real hands-on activity with your child? Create plaster casts or paint prints of your and your child’s hands. Your child can measure her growth over the years, and you'll have a cherished reminder of those once small hands.

For plaster casts:

  1. Mix four cups plaster of paris according to directions on the package.
  2. In a large mixing bowl, stir ingredients until thick (plaster of paris becomes the consistency of thick stew in  just a few minutes).
  3. Pour the plaster onto two paper plates.
  4. Wait one or two minutes, then have your child press her hand lightly into the plaster on the first plate.
  5. Now press your hand lightly into the plaster on the second plate.
  6. Let the handprints dry overnight before peeling the paper plate from the print.

Plan on a decorating session with paints, stickers, glitter and costume jewelry to personalize the handprints, including signing and dating the back. Attach a picture hook on the back and hang the handprints.