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Not all kids' games are created equal. Only the LeapFrog
Learning Library draws from our proprietary scope and
sequence of more than 2,600 skills, informed by the latest
curriculum, research and other studies. Go beyond maths drills to spark creativity and logic, foster a love of reading and social
understanding, inspire scientific thinking and much more
LeapFrog games adapt to each player's level, personalising
the curriculum to the child's age or grade, then adjusting automatically based on their answers. And unlike in other
app libraries, curricular progress is remembered from
game to game* to keep kids learning and having fun.

Our unique currriculum starts at an age-appropriate level and adapts
automatically for just the right challenge.*
See the difference between LeapFrog and Nabi Jr. games.
Not all games and apps offer the right feedback and
support. We build hints or tutorials into every
LeapFrog game to teach children the concepts they
need to progress. Answer feedback ensures children
have plenty of opportunity to learn, while levels that
build on one another advance the learning.



Kid Tested
We don't just entertain; we teach, delight and inspire. We
design our games from the ground up to create the best
possible experience for children. By involving kid testers in
every detail—from characters and gameplay, to levels and
challenges—we ensure children will have fun learning and
come back to each game again and again.
*Feature available in some cartridges and apps only. Some titles not available until year-end 2014.
Kid Tested

LeapFrog Learning Library