Interactive Learning Toys for Growing Minds

Get kids excited about learning with LeapFrog®! Each interactive learning system includes a stylus that reads invisible dots on compatible books, triggering questions, challenges, songs, jokes and more.

New! Bluey LeapStart Bundle
The Bluey LeapStart™ Bundle is an interactive learning system that gets kids excited about counting, learning to read, problem solving and more through fun, replayable activities.
Bundle includes Bluey Fun and Games book and Scout & Friends Maths book. Additional LeapStart books sold separately.
The Bluey LeapStart Bundle system is compatible with all LeapStart® books. (books sold separately).
Bluey LeapStart Bundle
LeapStart® 3D
Touch the stylus to words and pictures on each page of LeapStart® books for fun audio responses and on-screen animations that practise learning the basics of reading, maths, science and more.
The LeapStart® 3D system is compatible with all LeapStart® books and features on-screen animations (books sold separately).
LeapStart 3D
LeapReader® Learn to Read
10-Book Mega Pack™
Practise reading and explore interesting stories by touching the interactive pages with the LeapReader®. Sound out letters and words, follow along with the stories as they're read aloud and introduce new vocabulary to help build reading confidence.
LeapReader® is compatible with LeapReader® books only.

Explore the LeapStart® library for 750+ replayable activities that help teach over 50 core skills at every learning level.

All LeapStart® books are compatible with all LeapStart® systems.
Animations triggered by LeapStart® books are compatible with any LeapStart® system with a screen.