LeapFrog Cares for the Planet

LeapFrog is working towards a better world for our children through efforts in the community, reducing our environmental impact through sustainability initiatives and the introduction of eco-friendly products.


Our New Eco-Friendly Products

In 2021, LeapFrog is introducing a variety of green electronic learning products, marking an important step towards its sustainability commitment to replacing fossil-based plastics with sustainable alternatives.


Making a Difference

LeapFrog is currently working to minimise impact on the environment through a variety of packaging initiatives. We are also committed to eliminating fossil-based plastics in packaging, and replacing with a plant-based alternative in 99% of the electronic learning products by 2025.
Packaging Recycling Labels

Recycling Initiatives

LeapFrog has engaged in various packaging recycling programs around the world. Recycling labels have been placed on all product packaging for consumers' easy reference.