Encourage Babies

to explore their senses

Foster babies' curiosity. Provide them with opportunities to experiment with sensory play toys like Scout's Learning Lights Remote—it's brightly lit and boldly colored with simple melodies, appealing to everyday play.

Inspire Toddlers

with toys that encourage social play

Toddlers are extremely curious. They now begin to ask questions and listen to stories. As a loyal learning buddy, My Pal Scout prompts kids to interact with him socially and encourages them to talk and sing along to build early language skills.

Delight Preschoolers

with open-ended role play toys

Preschoolers are full of wonder. They observe the world and pretend to act out what they see. The Number Lovin' Oven offers a fun and interactive way to role play and explore early number concepts.

Prepare Kindergarteners

for their first days in playful ways

Kindergarteners are bundles of energy and eager to explore. At this age, kids are bursting with curiosity and imagination. Word Whammer builds essential skills for kindergarten in a fun and active way.

Scout's Learning Lights Remote

My Pal Scout

Number Lovin' Oven

Word Whammer