My two-year-old only wants to eat yogurt all day. How can I encourage her to eat other things without inciting a tantrum?

Doctors and nutritionists often advise parents to think about getting complete nutrients over the course of the day, rather than at each meal. Yogurt is at least a healthy choice and a good place to start! What do you think your child likes about yogurt? If it's the taste, perhaps introduce fruits that match her favorite flavors. If it's the texture, try blending veggies until they are smooth. Some toddlers are too busy to sit and eat and instead like to graze; they will pick up finger foods if you leave them accessible near where you are playing together. If all else fails, sneak some whole grains (like baby oatmeal) and veggies (pureed sweet potato) into the yogurt. Remember that many toddlers exert their will through food. Adults control much of their lives but we cannot force them to eat! So try not to turn mealtime into a battle of wills—your toddler will eventually grow out of this phase. If you have concerns about your toddler's nutrition, make sure to ask your pediatrician to ensure she is getting everything she needs. 

Candace Lindemann

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