Pure Learning Fun™

Created for learning

At LeapFrog, we put learning first. Our team of in-house learning experts is deeply involved in every game, toy, DVD, book and app we make, from initial concept and design, through testing and approval, to create the best possible learning experience for kids.

Drawing from a curriculum of more than 2,600 skills for children under 10 years old, our comprehensive learning solutions have been recognized for excellence year after year, and have inspired children all over the world to learn and love learning.

Designed for fun

We believe that children learn best when they are having fun. That’s why all LeapFrog products are tested with kids, in-home or in classrooms, to ensure they are not just learning, but engaged, happy and motivated to keep going.

We design our products top to bottom, inside and out, exclusively for kids. We build things tough and durable. We create content kids can’t put down. And—with the help of the world’s best game and toy designers—we sweat every detail to captivate and reward kids.

Personalized for every child

Because we know that every child learns differently, we create personalized learning solutions that adapt to each child’s pace, such as leveling up (or down) automatically in-game, to keep kids challenged and learning at just the right level.*

We build tutorials and hints into games, books, eBooks, writing activities and more to help children overcome obstacles and master new skills. And—because you are your child’s most important teacher—we ensure that you, as a parent, can see how your children are progressing through a personalized online Learning Path. Tips and ideas are available at every step to help you support your child’s unique journey.

*This feature is available in select games and books only.