LeapTV Tips

How do I update the System software on LeapTV?

LeapTV automatically checks to see if an updated to the system software is available. This update can be downloaded on the System Info screen in LeapTV Parent Settings

  1. Enter Parent Settings by selecting the gear icon.
  2. Enter your parent lock code
  3. Select System Info

If you have the latest version of the system software, you will see “Your system is up to date.”

If you do not have the latest system software, you will see a button reading “System Update Available” Press this button to initiate a system update. On the next screen you may press the ‘Restart LeapTV’ button. If you do not press this button, LeapTV will automatically restart within 20 seconds.


How do I purchase Apps for my LeapTV?

In a browser on your laptop or desktop computer, visit the App Center for LeapTV by clicking here.
Log in with the same email and password you used to register LeapTV. When you have made a purchase, your app(s) will be downloaded automatically to LeapTV. 


How do I know that my apps are downloading?

In the main home screen, apps which are currently downloading are shown with a black and white icon, a download progress indicator is shown around the outside of the icon.

In the Download Manager in Parent Settings, apps which are currently downloading are listed, and current download progress is shown.