LeapPad Wi-Fi Support: Router Support

A small number of routers are not compatible with the LeapPad or may require additional steps to connect. 

1) Routers in 5GHz mode are not compatible with LeapPad

The vast majority of routers operate on 2.4GHz. LeapPad's Wi-Fi operates on 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz networks and won't be able to find your network if the router is in 5GHz only mode.

Check your router's manual to verify you are not using it in 5GHz only mode.

2) UK only - TalkTalk or Sky Internet customers with combined modem/routers

This troubleshooting tip applies to LeapPad Ultra only.

The LeapPad may require a firmware update before it can communicate with the combined modem/routers supplied by TalkTalk or Sky.

To get this firmware update:

  1. Download and install the LeapFrog Connect application to your computer from www.leapfrog.com/connect
  2. Launch the LeapFrog Connect application on your computer
  3. Power on the LeapPad Ulta and connect it to your computer using the included USB cable
  4. Once the firmware update is installed on the LeapPad, disconnect from your computer
  5. On the LeapPad Ultra, go to the parent settings menu and open the Wi-Fi Settings icon
  6. You should now be able to enter your Wi-Fi password and connect to the network

3) Secondary Guest networks available on some routers.

Some routers such as the Linksys E series have a secondary network in addition to the main network. On these routers you must use the main network to connect the LeapPad.

4) Ad-hoc Wi-Fi networks.

This refers to using a wireless device such as a laptop to create a network, rather than using a router to broadcast Wi-Fi.

A router assigns an IP address to each connecting device. An ad-hoc network requires the user to assign an IP address to each connecting device. The LeapPad does not have a feature where you can assign an IP address, so you would not be able to connect it to an ad-hoc network.