The Family Man's guide to watching football

As football season kicks off, a father of four shares his top plays for getting young kids into the game.

Learning Stages

By Mike Johnson

Father of Four, Digital Strategist & Sports Maven

Mike Johnson is the founder of Playground Dad, a website that helps dads spend better time with their kids. Playground Dad is a resource for parents who are trying to navigate the new digital world with their kids in tow. For more information on Playground Dad visit:

The fall is definitely my favorite time of year. It’s back to the routine with the kids going back to school and everyone back from summer vacations. It’s also the return of football season.

As great as the fall is, it’s also challenging time of year for me as a sports-loving dad. I love watching football on the weekends, especially if my beloved New England Patriots are playing. But any dad knows that it’s hard to block out an entire afternoon for game watching without completely ignoring the fam.

Over the years I’ve tried many things to get my four daughters excited about game day. Some things have worked and some have fallen flat. These simple activities are the ones that have been successful and gotten the girls into the game.

Hope you enjoy the video! And have a great time watching the game with the family!