Thankful for the fall family weekends

How to make those rare and sacred family days count.

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By Mike Johnson

Father of Four, Digital Strategist & Sports Maven

Mike Johnson is the founder of Playground Dad, a website that helps dads spend better time with their kids. Playground Dad is a resource for parents who are trying to navigate the new digital world with their kids in tow. For more information on Playground Dad visit:

Our weekends in the Fall are always jam-packed with kids activities: Soccer, dance, volleyball, birthday parties…You name it. Weekends are often busier than the “busy” Monday through Friday work weeks.

Recently though, we had one of those magical weekends when we were between sports and none of the kids we know happened to be born that weekend. We managed to find ourselves with some free time.

Weekend mornings with nothing to do are sacred. We were more than happy to let the kids wake up and watch TV and get some extended screen time. More than happy. It’s great to sit around the house and let the kids veg a bit. But after awhile the kids started getting bored with their screens. And when boredom kicks in, that’s bad news for the household.

My wife and I were fine having a lazy indoor day. But a day with whining kids is anything but relaxing. So we dragged the kids outside. They were audibly hesitant. If I’m honest, my wife and I would have rather stayed home being lazy as well. But we all got it together and headed to a local farm. Once we got there, we were reminded that getting outdoors is much more fun that any activities that happen on the couch.