Supermarket storytelling
Supermarkets are much more than aisles of food, checkout counters and fruit bins. They are educational places, full of games to play with your child. To nurture logic and creativity, ask her to make up a story about someone she sees in the supermarket, based upon what that person is buying: That woman is getting vegetables from the organic section and is wearing workout clothes. Do you think she lives a healthy lifestyle? Or does she eat junk food? Can she swim across the ocean? That man has diapers in his cart. What do you think that means? Do you think he has a big family? Make up a story about his family. That woman in the bakery has streamers and party hats in her basket. What will she do with them? Who do you think the party is for? That man has only a few things in his basket. How many people do you think he lives with? Does he live alone? Have a family? What is mealtime like at his house?