Start a book club
Many adults belong to book clubs. Why not their kids? If your child is bookishly inclined, then encourage her to begin a book club, and by all means, offer to help get her started. Make a list of prospective members. Invite them to an organizational meeting: an invitation in the form of a book marker providing the time, place, and date and embellished with your child's favorite literary characters would be a fine start. Then once all the kids have assembled at your house (and munched a plate of cookies or two), they'll want to get down to business. 
Some of the things they will need to cover (and which your child may want to go over with you in advance) include how a book club works—members meet about once a month and take turns choosing the book to be read. And what it does—members talk about the book, what they did and did not like about it, and perhaps about other works by the same author. They also just plain talk, ranging beyond the chosen book (as adults often do), and enjoy themselves. The result? Fun, and a lot more reading in your neighborhood!