Lucky shamrocks

Play this Bingo-style game for St. Patrick's Day.

Learning Stages

Play this Bingo-style game for St. Patrick's Day. Games like this can help your child practice reading letters and seeing the correspondence between numbers and the dots on dice. Simple games like this also give young children practice taking turns and congratulating the winner, skills you should model as you play.

Set Up:
Print out a game sheet for each player. You will also need two dice. On one of the dice, cover each side with masking tape and print the letters L, U, C, K, Y and a small star. Provide each player with markers for thier card (pennies work well).

To Play: Players take turns rolling both dice and marking their own cards based on the letter and number rolled. The star on the letter dice is "wild" and can be used for any letter. The first player to get a whole row across or down is the winner.