Fit Made Fun board game

Print and play this fun family board game that gets kids up and active! Players learn healthy habits and earn tokens for activities such as "Jump like a kangaroo" and "Pretend to juggle."

This game can be played by two to four players, ages Pre-K and up. You will need dice and several pennies or game chips to play.

  1. Print out both game board pages and assemble the game board. 
  2. Cut out Fit Made Fun cards and stack them face down in the center of the game board. 
  3. Cut out the game characters and glue them to heavy cardboard for durability. 
  4. Place pennies or plastic game chips in a small bowl or jar in the center of the game board. 

To play

Play begins on the START space. Players take turns rolling dice and moving their pawns clockwise around the board. Players collect tokens (coins or chips) as they go. When a player picks a Fit Made Fun card, he or she must complete the action on the card in order to receive tokens. The first player to collect ten tokens wins the game.