Is it important for my son to learn to use an iPad?


There is a lot of debate these days over young children’s use of technology — particularly the iPad. Whether or not you decide to let your child use an iPad at this age is a personal choice, and will depend on your values and views on technology. If you do decide to allow your child to play on the iPad, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) suggests that you limit screen time to no more than two hours a day. In addition to limiting screen time, it is important to review and monitor what your child is playing on the iPad. Make sure that the games your son plays are age-appropriate and do not contain violence or inappropriate themes.

Jennie Ito, Ph.D.

Child Development Expert

Jennie Ito is a mother of two and a child development consultant who specializes in children’s play and toys. Before becoming a consultant for LeapFrog, she was an intern at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC, and later worked as a content expert for the Association of Children’s Museum’s “Playing for Keeps” Play Initiative. Jennie earned her doctorate degree in developmental psychology at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada.