Fall family fitness

Infographic: 5 easy ways to keep your family fit this fall.

By Mike Johnson

Father of Four, Digital Strategist & Sports Maven

Mike Johnson is the founder of Playground Dad, a website that helps dads spend better time with their kids. Playground Dad is a resource for parents who are trying to navigate the new digital world with their kids in tow. For more information on Playground Dad visit: http://playgrounddad.com/about-us/

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As my daughters head back to school next week, my wife and I have been spending a huge amount of time trying to schedule all of our kids’ extracurricular activities. The biggest challenge of this process is coming up with the activities that the girls will enjoy and hopefully have a great experience with.

Two of our daughters are very much into team sports and two would rather do other things. They all have great and fun activities that they love, but we want to make sure that all of our kids our active, no matter how they get their movement.

The graphic above highlights some great activities that are fun (or can be ‘made’ fun, like household chores) to make sure that our kids are getting plenty of active time this Fall.