Congratulations to our graduates!

The doctor is in!

By Tina O'Shea

Managing Editor at LeapFrog

Tina O’Shea is LeapFrog’s Managing Editor and the voice of @LeapFrog on Twitter, but to her kids, she’s the Freeze Dance DJ.

Posted on Jul 1, 2014 05:51 PM

It’s a happy season here at the Pond—we’re proud as parents to announce that two of our Learning Team members have completed their dissertations and earned their Ph.D.'s! Besides adding a few letters to their names, these two employees bring to LeapFrog a renewed passion for education as well as the most current research in child development.

Dr. Clement Chau is our in-house children’s media expert, primarily advising and collaborating with our toy and game designers in the areas of social studies, creativity, life skills and early childhood development. Clement recently received his Ph.D. from Tufts University after completing his dissertation on evaluating children's mobile apps.

Dr. Pamela Gourley-Delaney, a former elementary school teacher, blends educational theory and best practices in teaching in order to address children’s diverse learning needs. Pam completed her dissertation on “The Sociomathematical Niche: Ethnographic Case Studies of Four Kindergarten Children at Home and at School” (I couldn’t possibly make this stuff up). She earned her Ph.D. from U.C. Davis.

Please join me in congratulating our newest doctors! And if you have an education question for Clement, Pam, or any of our 5 Learning Team Ph.D.'s, please email it to We do our best to answer all questions in our Discussions section.