5 Reasons Why You Need a Baby Monitor

5 Reasons Why You Need a Baby Monitor
5 Reasons Why You Need a Baby Monitor

By LeapFrog's Baby Care Team

For many parents preparing for the arrival of a new baby, the question of “do I need a baby monitor” has undoubtedly popped into their minds. For some, baby monitors are a fairly novel concept, and many of us have grown up just fine without our parents watching us through a tiny camera.

So should you get a baby monitor?

In most cases, the answer is a resounding yes!

Benefits of Baby Monitors:

Keep an eye on your baby from a separate room
For a large part of human history, babies were never more than a few feet away from their caregivers. However, nowadays it is increasingly common for babies to sleep in a separate room from their parents, and with many modern parents having to balance caregiving with work, chores, social life, and more, it’s a lot harder to always be within a few feet of their babies! Having a baby monitor gives parents increased freedom and peace of mind to do everything they need to do throughout the day without losing sight of their baby.

Make sure baby is comfortable
Many modern baby monitors such as the LeapFrog baby monitors are more than just monitors. They often come with smart sensors that can accurately measure the temperature and humidity of their babies’ rooms - both very important factors to a baby’s health and comfort - and instantly alert parents if the room is outside a comfortable range.

Be in two places at once!
For parents with multiple children, sometimes it's critical to be able to keep an eye on two rooms simultaneously, something that used to be impossible for any individual. However, two-camera baby monitors such as the LeapFrog LF925-2HD Video Baby Monitor allow you to do just that with a split screen feature that can display two rooms at the same time.

Help baby sleep soundly
Every parent knows the struggle of getting their baby to go to sleep and stay asleep. Many modern baby monitors such as the LeapFrog baby monitors come with features to help your child sleep, from calming night lights to soothing sounds and lullabies.

Record precious moments
Every parent has a few stories of adorable and/or funny things their babies have done on a whim that they wish they could have captured on camera. Luckily, many modern baby monitors, like the LeapFrog Wi-Fi Monitors, come with recording functions that allow you to capture and save all those precious baby moments forever!

So do you need a baby monitor? There are definite advantages to having one!

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