3 tips for choosing kids' activity trackers

Ready to try the newest trend in kids' fitness? Learn what to look for in this new wearable technology for kids.

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By Jeremy Brautman

LeapFrog Editor

Children enjoy fitness games and active play, and the marketplace is full of toys that claim to get kids moving. But what should parents look for when choosing active play toys and kids’ wearable technology?

Fitness trackers for kids are a relatively new development in the genre of active play toys. These wearable devices use technology to encourage active play and healthy habits. If you’re considering a kids’ activity tracker for your child, ask: 

  • Is it made for kids? Fitness trackers and wearable tech are all the rage these days, but active adults and active kids have different needs. The LeapBand activity tracker is a kids’ wearable with specific nutrition activities and physical activities for kids, designed by child development experts. Any activity tracker for kids should cover healthy habits and include recommended times for different forms of active play, including: aerobic activity, muscle strengthening and bone strengthening.
  • Will it get my child moving? All children are different, but experts agree: a kid’s fitness game must be fun, engaging and meaningful. The LeapBand kids’ fitness tracker features virtual pets for children to care for as they learn healthy habits. It’s preloaded with a healthy amount of imaginative challenges—and an option for parents to add-on custom kid-specific challenges.
  • Is it FUN? It’s fun to be fit, and it should be easy to be active. The LeapBand kids’ activity tracker features playful exercises and interactive games for different ages, abilities and interests. Physical activity on its own is rewarding, but cute characters, engaging audio and motivating rewards help!