Simple soothers

Try these seven tips to help your baby wind down at the end of the day.

Learning Stages

These tips can help your infant drift off to sleep more easily and set a routine that will continue as she grows:

  • Storytelling. Children of all ages enjoy bedtime stories. Read to your baby in calm, rhythmic tones as you cuddle her close. Your baby will enjoy the positive parent-child interaction, and benefit from an early introduction to the reading experience.
  • Bedtime rituals. Bedtime rituals help end the day on a positive note and make bedtime more inviting. Say goodnight to each of your baby’s little fingers and toes. As your child grows, say goodnight to family members, favorite toys and other objects that are part of the day.
  • Soothing music. Music can be an excellent way to soothe baby to sleep. Introduce her to a variety of calming, peaceful melodies.
  • Lullabies and singing. Singing lullabies is a sure way to comfort your baby as she drifts off to dreamland. Nothing is as soothing to your baby as hearing the familiar sound of a favorite song, especially when it’s your voice singing the calming melody.
  • Ambiance. To relax and cue your baby that bedtime is near, set the mood for sleep. Dim the lights, close the shades and quiet any background noise, such as the television or radio.
  • Infant massage. Ease baby to sleep with a soft, relaxing massage. Start with your baby's tiny toes and move up to her delicate fingertips. Use gentle, love-filled strokes to help soothe and comfort her. Speak to her in a quiet voice to create a relaxing bond that will lull baby to sleep.
  • Warm bath. A bath often helps soothe baby to sleep. Schedule bath time for the same time each night. Your baby will come to associate the warm, calming bath time with winding down.