Review: Peep and the Big Wide World

A sweet science adventure for your little ones.

Learning Stages

By Ann Sullivan-Cross

Web Editor at LeapFrog

Ann Sullivan-Cross is LeapFrog's Web Editor, and when she's not chasing after her three kids, she's out running in the woods.

Peep and the Big Wide World Favorites is a sweet animated series narrated by Joan Cusack that introduces young children to early science concepts. With Peep, Chirp, and Quack leading the way, kids are brought along on science adventures to investigate and solve problems they encounter. Each segment is capped off by children exploring the same concepts in a real setting. 

The series encourages young children to build important science skills like asking questions, collecting and analyzing data, using descriptive terms, and offering explanations of how things might work. In one episode, the little birds use scientific skills like trial and error to test which materials are best for making snow sleds.

Friendly, simple characters engage young children in the fun and get them excited about science without them realizing it. Whether Peep and friends are sledding in the snow or wading through the mud, your little ones will learn to look at their surroundings with closer attention.

"This playful series encourages our young viewers to think of science and math as fun and open-ended, creative, physically active, and an effective way to solve problems," says executive producer Kate Taylor. Your little ones may even start to conduct their own experiments!

Recommended for preschool aged children, we have it on good knowledge that some bigger kids will love it too. You’ll feel good about sitting your children down to watch this charming series.