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A list of educational websites and resources curated by our learning experts

Turn stay-at-home time into learning time and keep your children’s minds active and engaged with resources that are available online. The LeapFrog Learning Team put together a curated list of websites that are worth checking out.

Learning Resources across Subjects

    Free printable workbooks for math, reading, and writing

Arts and Creativity



  • But Why:
    Kids ask questions and the hosts find the answers. Kids are invited to submit new questions.
  • Wow in the World:
    NPR’s Mindy Thomas and Guy Raz explore topics in the areas of science and technology in a way that’s entertaining to both kids and adults.
  • Circle Round:
    Hear folktales from around the world that feature famous voices such as Ed Asner and Margaret Cho. 
  • What If World:
    Eric O’Keefe tells fun stories based on questions kids ask, such as, “What if unicorns turned to rocks when they’re shy?”

Learning Videos

  • Mystery Science:
    Check out some of Mystery Science’s most popular science lessons for free.
  • Science Mom:
    Watch Science Mom explain and demonstrate science concepts in a fun way.
  • Socratica Kids:
    Kid-friendly learning videos featuring puppets, science demos and more on topics ranging from dinosaur fossils to slime.
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