The LeapFrog Epic

Why buy a LeapFrog kids’ tablet? Let our early childhood expert, Dr. Jody Sherman LaVos, break down the benefits.

By Jody Sherman LeVos, Ph.D.

LeapFrog Math Expert

As the math development expert on LeapFrog’s Learning Team, Jody works on products across all platforms to teach math and science concepts in developmentally appropriate ways using research-based techniques. Before joining LeapFrog, she was a visiting scholar at the University of California, Berkeley, a researcher and instructor, and a math textbook author. She is a contributing author to The Encyclopedia on Early Childhood. She is also the proud mother of two LeapFrog-aged boys. She earned her doctorate in developmental science (specializing in mathematical and cognitive development) at the University of Alberta, in Canada.

For the first time, LeapFrog is offering an Android-based children’s tablet in the consumer electronics section of the store. What does this mean for kids and families? With LeapFrog Epic, kids and parents can expect a safe, sophisticated, fun, and educational tablet experience designed to grow with and for every unique child.

Top 5 reasons to buy a LeapFrog Epic for your child:

1. It’s aspirational and sleek…yet designed to be kid tough

Don’t be fooled by the grown-up look of this tablet. Despite the fact that the whole family can enjoy this device, LeapFrog Epic was designed from the ground up to be a kid-safe tablet. With a protective bumper and shatter-safe LCD screen, LeapFrog Epic is a sensible option for busy bodies, small hands, and curious minds.

2. The experiences grow and change, just like your child

LeapFrog’s learning experts believe that one of the most exciting aspects of technology is that it can allow for personalized learning experiences, where games and curriculum can level up or down in response to each child’s achievement. Many of the games available through LeapFrog Epic feature Just For Me Learning Technology, a set of features that allow games to be modified for or by kids! For example, if your child is breezing through the curricular questions, the questions will level up automatically and become more challenging to meet your child’s unique skills.

3. Even the UI home screen is created to delight and offer personalization

Immediate engagement is a lofty goal…and LeapFrog Epic was designed from the start to meet that goal. We believe that children learn best when they’re engaged and having fun, so LeapFrog Epic has the first interactive home screen, a place where children can create and explore their own town, watch their customized environment change from day to night, adjust the weather, and discover new surprises along the way.

4. Provides access to the best LeapFrog and Android content

LeapFrog Epic offers the best of both worlds: A library of exclusive LeapFrog learning games that kids love and parents trust, as well as access to popular Android Apps such as Fruit Ninja Academy: Math Master, and Doodle Jump (sold separately). In the LeapFrog Epic app center (available at, you can select games that are perfect for your child in a variety of ways, including by age, curricular topic, and even favorite characters!

5. Safety is our priority, including browsing

Although our focus is always on creating fun and engaging learning experiences, LeapFrog Epic offers parents robust parental controls so that you can monitor and select what, and how much, your child experiences (across up to three profiles). For example, you can set 45 minutes for learning apps and 30 minutes for fun videos. Likewise, we offer a kid-safe approach to browsing the web. You can choose whether to offer your child a safe, carefully curated experience with LeapSearch, add your own favorite websites to the LeapSearch browser, or unlock an unrestricted, open web as your child grows.